Over the years we have seen what works best for clients – and what doesn’t.

The right investment solution is a complicated problem – it must work throughout a market cycle and be easy for clients to stick with.  It must deliver participation when markets are doing well and good risk management when they aren’t – all for an efficient fee.

Much research points out that an investment solution that clients can stay with is one of the most important drivers of investing success.  Trust in your advisor’s process gives clients the confidence to avoid the behavioral trap of buying and selling at the wrong times. Thus we design portfolios with all-weather mandates to help our clients achieve long term goals.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket – it doesn’t get more simple than that.  But a good portfolio diversifies across more than just asset classes – it includes different investment styles too.  Fundamental valuation, technical momentum and alternative strategies are each a part of what we do.

Finding the right balance between all of these aspects is what KilterHowling is about – risk-adjusted, scalable solutions delivered in concert with a robust financial plan.