Cyber Security Implementation With External IT

Cybersecurity Implementation – External IT

Working for clients means more than just crafting efficient portfolios and drafting financial plans.  We are also always trying to protect sensitive information and partner with firms we trust and know.

To that end, we just completed a firm wide implementation of the workspace wealth_ solution from External IT (  This solution, which is implemented by some of the largest financial firms and investment advisors in the country, is a platform which adds a level of sophistication, security and scalability that we feel is critical. A few of the benefits and changes:

  • All of our laptops are encrypted from startup and continuously monitored for malicious activity.
  • All firm data, files, notes, software, etc. are hosted in the cloud with dually redundant 24/7/365 backup including 30 day rolling backups and 7 year redundant retention.
  • Access to any firm data or files is via two-factor authentication with the ability to remotely remove access.  No client or firm data is accessible on local laptops.
  • We also gain a local, corporate IT support partner for ongoing monitoring, training, security patches, firewall maintenance and support.
  • Will and Kreighton have the ability to monitor all activity and control file access across all firm workspaces at all times.

This means that KilterHowling operates on a technology backbone as robust as that of any large financial institution.  This platform covers both our Colorado and Montana offices and means that your information is protected as well as the industry knows how to.

Here is a press-release summarizing the solution:–devices-through-a-secure-digital-hub-for-wealth-advisors-300407772.html

“workplace wealth_ is designed to seamlessly interact with existing devices and procedures so advisors can securely access their client portfolios, custodial platforms, client relationship management (CRM) programs, emails, client data, documents and other applications through a single channel—and do so while complying with evolving SEC and FINRA regulations. In addition, workplace wealth_ cybersecurity and compliance features are embedded in the system, so they can be easily updated as new technologies and cybersecurity threats emerge.

Multi-factor authentication, data encryption, security monitoring, and other SEC/FINRA-required controls for sensitive financial data are built into workplace wealth_, along with state-of-the-art disaster recovery options. Advisors can also securely share files with associates and clients, permission their file structures, and safely access files remotely.” 

It is a serious investment for us to have KilterHowling on this platform, but we feel that we must invest in our business and your data security in this way. It is, quite simply, our single largest expenditure.

We encourage you to click above and explore the workplace wealth_ platform, External IT, and send us your thoughts.

Please know that are doing everything we can to keep your information protected.

One reminder on the Equifax data breach:

If you suspect your information has been breached, please consider navigating to the and look for the Potential Impact tab.  The steps will include entering your last name and last six digits of your social security.  There is a complimentary insurance for identity theft. Please let us know if you’d like any help or to chat about this.