Technology Improvements at KH

Dear Clients:

While keeping your portfolios in top shape, we have found the time to update some of our technology.  Some of these enhancements will happen behind the scenes but some will directly improve your experience with KH.

Changes you should notice:

  • Performance Reporting: customized report building, integrated video commentary with financial planning status from our current MoneyGuidePro toolkit
  • Client Portal: improved experience with the ability to send documents back and forth securely
  • Improved Account Opening & eSign ability:  already good at Schwab but we see room for improvement
  • Newsletter built with enhanced media features

Behind the scenes benefits:

  • Trade Order Management:  we trade all of our accounts as one to get the price benefits of block trading and to ensure everyone’s interests are aligned – now we’ll be even better at doing this
  • Client Data Management:  internal workflows and paperless super-secure document storage
  • GIPS Compliant Composite Reporting:  necessary for us as we go forward but something few firms do, and the ones that do implement it only retroactively
  • And many others

Investing in the technology necessary to continue to make improvements in our business (in any business) is an imperative – and we are happy to do so.

These enhancements will make us more automated and client friendly than most firms many times our size.

As always, Kreighton and I are focused on bringing the scale and quality to our business that allows us to spend the necessary time with you and on managing the portfolios.

After all, we are invested right alongside you and it’s this technology that allows us to do it.