The most important charts in the world

Business Insider is a good website for a lot of things, but especially things Wall St. and finance related. A few times a year they survey analysts, strategists, hedge fund managers and economists for the “most important charts”. Each obviously focuses on some small esoteric thing, but it’s a quick read (mostly a scroll) and there are always a few fun charts. We’ve put a few favorites below, and the full list can be found here.


Legendary hedge fund manager David Einhorn has this warning: 


To our recent report on KHGG and volatility, there were some big swings recently:


The velocity of money is directly tied to inflation – it’s a measure of how much money is circulating around in the economy.
For those of you worried about hyperinflation and the effect of the Feds’ various QE programs should be reassured by this chart.
The Federal Reserve can print all the money it wants but if no one is spending it (lending it out) then the velocity of money will stay low and so should inflation.


This chart shows fewer people are filing claims for unemployment – a sign of strength in the labor force:



If you made it this far, here is Einhorn again with another humorous take on correlations.
Don’t get tangled in your bed sheets, you might spend money skiing: 

david-einhorn-greenlight-capital (1).jpg