Trust Services – What KH Offers

At KilterHowling, through our relationship with Schwab Institutional, we can facilitate Trust Services for you and your family.

The first option can take the shape of a professional Corporate Trustee service which acts as a co-fiduciary with an individual or it can act as sole trustee as hired by the family.  This is suitable for account sizes above $1 million and for families or institutions where a trustee with a fiduciary standard is required.

A more fee efficient solution is Schwab’s Personal Trust Reporting Services (PTRS).  This solution is a more standard one that KilterHowling offers to clients without additional costs outside our normal fee schedule.

For both of these options, tax return services are available via Ernst & Young at a discounted rate.

Trusts are complicated vehicles with many options to discuss for those involved.  Along with the right estate planning attorney, we can guide you through the process.  If you already have established trusts for your investments and you would like to work with KilterHowling, we can make the accounting and tax reporting process an easy one.

Here’s a video from Vanguard discussing the how to choose the right Trustee:
Choosing the Right Trustee